Guided Learning: Active listening

Content & How to use

Some may say that listening is the key to good communication. But how can you learn to listen in an active manner? If you want to improve your listening skills, it is a good idea to follow this topic guide. The topic guide consists of two videos: the first one is an exercise and the second one is an informative video. Finally, some concise information about listening is given by means of following ten easy steps.

1. Test your listening skills

This video is very interesting, because it gives you an idea of how good of a listener you actually are!  Press the play button below to find out.

2. Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better

Julian Treasure is a sought-after and top-rated international speaker. Collectively, his five TED talks on various aspects of sound and communication have been viewed an estimated 18 million times. In his talk ‘5 ways to listen better’ he demonstrates easy but effective tricks to start listening in a different way. Watch the video here.

3. 10 Steps to effective listening

The earlier videos showed you how to listen so that you don’t miss any important details of the conversation. The list provided on the following website, gives you the opportunity to read through 10 essential tips so that you can put your listening skills into practice. Read the article here.