Guided Learning: Collaboration

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A good team atmosphere can improve people's teamworking skills and lead to better team results. The essence of teamwork is to work with others in a fun and pleasant manner. This topic guide starts with an exercise to assess how good your teamworking skills currently are. In the video that follows, an explanation is given for why it is useful to work with different people from different disciplines and how you can successfully manage to do so. In a final article, the essence of effective teamwork shows you how to get your team started.

1. Teamworking

First of all, it might be easy to get a starting point. Where are you now regarding teamwork and what can be improved? It is, therefore, a smart idea to look at the Skillslab video of collaboration skills. The amount of right and wrong answers will give you an idea of where you stand. You can click here to see the video.

2. Effective teamwork and collaboration

In some cases, working in a team means working with people from other disciplines. To benefit from this sort of teamwork, it is important to be aware of the use of interdisciplinary work. This video explains what interdisciplinary thinking is and how it can contribute to teamwork.

3. Tips for effective teamwork

Now that you are aware of your role and contribution to a team, and also how to work with people from different backgrounds, it is worthwhile to read this page. It repeats and summarizes the characteristics that an effective team should have and explains how to get started with your team. Moreover, it provides information on how to optimize your team atmosphere. Read the article here.