Guided Learning: Dealing with conflicts

Content & How to use

To start working on developing your skills, it is helpful to determine at what level your current conflict resolving skills are. Therefore this topic guide starts with a questionnaire that analyses how you tend to deal with a conflict. Next, a concise list is provided of aspects that you need to take into account when dealing with a conflict.

1. Test for conflict handling

When a conflict occurs, people have a natural way of dealing with the situation. Researchers have identified five conflict handling styles, and the test on this website shows you the extent to which you prefer to use each of these conflict handling styles. Once you are aware of the natural approach you have towards handling a conflict, you can determine how you want to further develop your skills. Go to the test.

2. Dealing with conflict

Now that you are aware of how you currently deal with a conflict, you know what aspects of dealing with conflicts you need to focus on. The following website provides a list of actions and considerations that you should be aware of before dealing with any kind of conflict. View the website here.