Guided Learning: Decision making

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Making decisions with a team can be difficult and so we tend to delay making these decision, but obviously that does not solve the problem. To make a decision properly, it is useful to understand the necessity of decision making. The first website of this topic guide explains what decision making exactly is and what it is that prevents teams from making decisions. In the page that follows, the process of decision making  and different decision-making methods are explained.

1. Decision making

This article on ‘Skills you need’ explains what decision making actually is. Furthermore, the article elaborates on what can hold people back from making decisions, which is useful information as well. You can read the article here.

2. Group decision making

Making a decision with a group of people can be even more difficult than making a decision on your own. However, when you are working with a team, decisions have to be run by the whole group. This article shows how you can break the decision-making process up into small steps. In addition, it shows different decision-making methods for different situations. Read the article here.