Guided Learning: Communication

Content & How to use

To get an impression of your communication skills, this guide starts with a short questionnaire about the different aspects of communication. The second website provides a complete overview of how you can actually improve your communication skills in four different steps. Finally, a hand-out is provided that explains what communication is and what types of communication there are. These three documents will help you improve your communication and teamwork skills.

1. How good are your communication skills?

After you have taken this test, you will have an indication of how well you actually communicate. This page is not only useful for the test provided, it also explains the different aspects of communication that are included in the test. This makes it easy for you to see what aspects you need to focus on to improve your communication skill. Take the test!

2. Effective communication

Effective communication is more than just exchanging information: it requires active participation in a conversation. To learn how to communicate in both an active and effective manner, you can go through the four steps provided in this article. If you want to improve your skills even further, check out the related articles at the bottom of the website. Read the article.

3. Hand-out on interview techniques

This hand-out not only provides an explanation of how communication works, but also gives information on how to make conversation. In a few simple steps this document teaches you how to steer a conversation to allow it to be effective for all the people involved. Towards the end of the document interview techniques are dicussed. Go to the hand-out.