Guided Learning: Participation in meetings and discussions

Content & How to use

If you want to prepare well for a meeting and if you want to make sure that your meetings are effective, you should start with formulating the goals of the meeting. How to do so, is explained in a short video. Next this topic guide provides two handouts on both meeting and debating skills. Read these documents to find out how to apply the basics that you have learned form the video.

1. Learn how to run an effective meeting that gets results

Meetings are only effective or successful if something is achieved by them. But how can you make sure that this happens? This video explains how you can make sure that you achieve the goal you want in your meeting by following some easy steps.


Most meetings miss focus and results. Having a meeting mission and outcome statement helps you in getting results. By asking yourself "Why am I having this meeting?" helps you in keeping focus during a meeting and steering the process such that this can be accomplished. In the video is discussed that every meeting needs a mission and a desired outcome. 



2. Handout meeting skills

Based on the information from the video, you can go through this hand-out, which explains the GRaSP method. This is a method that you can use as a guide when having a meeting. The roles are explained of the chairman, minute taker and the participants of the meeting.  View the hand-out here.

3. Handout on debating skills

Having a debate or argument during your project or in a meeting is common in teamwork. However, it is important to take some aspects of debating into account. This hand-out explains what a debate is exactly. After that, two types of debates are elaborated on as well as the different roles one can have during a debate. Learn more about debating skills.