Guided Learning: Different roles (Belbin)

Content & How to use

If you are not yet aware of your own team role, start with the Belbin questionnaire. After that, or if you already know the role (or roles) that best applies to you, you can watch a short video with an explanation about the different Belbin roles and their purpose. In the hand-outs that are also provided, you can either see a concise or more extended overview of the different roles and how people with these roles function within a team. Not only can these roles help you to understand your team members better, they can also serve as a guideline for the role distribtion in your work or in meetings.

1. Belbin team roles questionnaire

If you print out this questionnaire, you can fill it out and see what type of personality and role (or roles) best applies to you. This information can improve your understanding of how you preform in a team. The following documents provide more information on the different Belbin roles.

2. Belbin team roles

The aim of this video is to clarify how different roles can be of interest when working in a team. Use this video as an example when allocating different tasks or roles to people within your project work.

3. Belbin teamroles specifications

Now that you are aware of your own role, and perhaps the roles of your team members, it is useful to learn what strengths you bring to the table and what your pitfalls are. If you discuss your roles within your team, this document can guide you. See here for the specifications of the different roles.