Guided Learning: Language Mechanics accuracy

Content & How to use

These documents and websites will help you improve your spelling whether you choose for American or British spelling and the use of punctuation. Keep in mind that it is TU/e policy to use spelling rules of American English.

1. Spelling

For a guide to American and British spelling, please visit this website.

2. Punctuation

Practice your punctuation with this TU/e exercise and then compare your answers with the answer key provided. The answer key also includes additional useful information on punctuation. You can find the questions and answers on this page.

A thorough explanation with clear examples of when to use certain punctuations marks can be found here.

An explanation of punctuation rules with exercises to practice your punctuation is provided on this website.

3. Capitalization

Unsure of when to use capital letters? Try this useful website.

4. Writing numbers

When should you use a numeral (e.g. 2) and when should you write it in full (e.g. two)? These and other considerations can be found in this useful hand-out. Read the hand-out.