Guided Learning: Using visual aids

Content & How to use

 As you may already know, one important part of a presentation is the visual aid and how you make use of it. Maybe you are used to Powerpoint and always use that without knowing of other useful aids which might fit the presentation better. It is quite possible that Powerpoint is the best option, but you have to be aware of some crucial mistakes people make. This topic guide starts off with a video illustrating some mistakes that can be made when using Powerpoint; then there is a guide on how to work with visual aids. Next, there are some tips and tricks when you have to give a technical presentation and, finally, there are some tips on how to make slides that convey your ideas.


1. Life after death by Powerpoint

 Starting with this video you will get a clear idea how some Powerpoint mistakes affect the audience. When you see the mistakes actually being made, you will be more aware of possible pitfalls next time you prepare a presentation of your own.


2. Working with visual aids

 This guide makes you aware of different kinds of visual aids available to improve your presentation. For each of the visual aids discussed some additional information is given on how to use it and what mistakes to avoid. Click here to go to the guide


3. The 10 dos and don'ts for technical presentations

 There is a significant difference between presentations in general and technical presentations. Because most of the presentations that you will give now and in the future presumably will be technical, you can use these tips and tricks to further improve your presentation. Click on this LinkedIn article


4. 10 tips on how to make slides that communicate your idea, from TED’s in-house expert

 One of the major goals of a presentation is communicating your idea. How do you get your idea in the heads of the audience. This article helps you to make slides that do that. Go to the article