Guided Learning: Presentation Nerves

Content & How to use

 In this topic guide you can find some useful tips on how to deal with presentation nerves. There are some exercises you could do just before you have to present to calm yourself. The topic guide itself starts off with a video illustrating some tips and tricks, followed by a guide on how to cope with nerves. Finally, there is an article giving some tips and tricks and a workshop for which you can sign up.


1. How to Avoid Becoming Nervous Speaking in Front of People

In this video you are provided with some tips and tricks using real-life experiences of the presenter himself - and it's fun to watch too! 


2. Coping with presentation nerves

The moment has arrived that you have to present, but you are still nervous. How do you get rid of these nerves? In this guide there are some small exercises you can do on the spot. Go to the guide


3. Managing presentation nerves

The most ideal situation is when you have no nerves when you have to present. This article gives some tips and tricks that can be used when you are preparing your presentation, so when you actually have to present, you will experience less interference from your nerves. Go to the tips and tricks