Guided Learning: Speaking

Content & How to use

In this topic guide you are given the opportunity to improve your speech. If your vocabulary is good enough but you do not know how to speak persuasively, or if multiple speakers are involved, this is the place to learn it. The guide starts with some information followed by questions. Next, there is a video explaining how to speak so that people want to listen, followed by an article with some tips. Finally, there are some tips and tricks when you have to present together with somebody else. 


1. Components of effective vocal delivery

 In this genius videoa TEDx expert tells us how to sound interesting by just using your voice and gesture. This also shows how important delivery is in such a presentation to the video


2. How to speak so that people want to listen

In this video a TEDx expert explains there is much more to it than just having a fancy presentation or just boringly providing information to make people want to listen to your presentation. The way you are talking and how you are behaving, plays a major role. Go to the video.


3. Better public speaking and presentation

This article explains in a bit more detail on how to manage certain aspects of presenting. Embedded in these explanations there are some tips and tricks on how to improve your next presentation. Go to the article.


4. A complete guide to speaking in public

A final and complete guide is given on the following website. It includes how you defeat anxiety, which visuals to use and most important: how to deliver a great speech!