Guided Learning: Body language

Content & How to use

When you are presenting, it is extremely important to have the right posture and do the right things with your hands. This guide will help you improve these things so you can present with more confidence. The guide starts with a video focused on body language, followed by a hand-out from STU on body language. Next, there is a presentation by STU focusing on using your hands during the presentation and finally, there is a presentation that explains 10 common mistakes so you can avoid them. 


1. Killer presentation skills

During this video, information about presenting is explained in a rather informal way, but the focus of the video is on non-verbal communication: what to do and what not to do. The video also gives some tips and entertaining examples and references. 


2. Body language in presentations

In this STU hand-out everything you need to generate an interactive presentation is explained. Think of what to wear, for example, or how to stand in front of your audience. It is very useful to use this hand-out as a sort of checklist before you have to present, just to make sure you have thought of everything. Click here to go to the hand-out


3. Hand gestures

This STU Powerpoint presentation explains how to use your hands effectively during your presentation. Hands play a very important role during presenting, so it is important that you know what to do with them. This topic was partially illustrated in the video at the beginning of this topic guide, but is explained in much more detail in this presentation. Click here to go to the presentation


4. 10 worst body language presentation mistakes

This Powerpoint shows you some of the most basic mistakes made involving body language and non-verbal communication. Use this to have more insight into these mistakes and to avoid them next time. Go to the presentation