Guided Learning: Handling questions

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In this topic guide you start off with a video explaining several difficult questions and how to deal with them. This is followed with a Powerpoint presentation on how to manage a Q&A session. Next, there is a website on how to deal with questions in general and, finally, there is a presentation on how to handle questions but also how to deal with interruptions during your presentation. 


1. Handling difficult questions during a presentation

In this video some difficult questions are explained by means of drawings. You will probably recognize some that you have come across before. This video gives some solutions to these specific kinds of questions. 


2. Managing Q&A

In general, at the end of your presentation, there will be a question and answer session in which you try to give answers to the questions the audience has. This Powerpoint presentation helps you to manage such a Q&A session. This is necessary because it can be quite difficult.

The Q&A session is very important, but how often do you see people ending with only asking whether there are questions, with a look in their eyes that they hope that no one has any. Alternatively you can be pro-active and prepare questions or do a little quiz. It can increase your credibility and provide evidence for your story. 


In this exercise you work together with another student. One person presents, while the other one asks various questions at the end. Together you evaluate how the presenter handled the different questions. The main message is to be short and concise, do not give a whole new presentation. 

 9 tips for handling a Q&A session


3. Dealing with questions

Some people find it quite easy to give answers to questions, or dealing with questions in general, while others find it quite difficult. This website dicusses everything that is needed to manage your Q&A session. Before you give a presentation, it is very useful to read through it so you are prepared. Click here to go to the website


4. Presentation Skills. Unit 8: Dealing with Questions

There is always the much feared Q&A session at the end of a presentation, but let's not forget the questions that interrupt your presentation. This presentation gives you details and information on how to handle both. Go through it and apply it in your next presentation. Click here to go the presentation.