Guided Learning: Preparation for a Presentation

Content & How to use

In this guide you are given the opportunity to improve your preparation for a presentation. The guide starts with some general tips and tricks on preparing the presentation followed by tips for procrastinators or people with little time. Next, there is a checklist to see whether you have thought of everything and, finally, there is a phrasebook with helpful phrases.


1. How to prepare your presentation

When preparing your presentation there are some key points that are very important, such as how long the presentation is, who your target audience is, what to put in your slides. This guide gives you these key points and tips on how to deal with them. Click here to go to the guide.


2. 7 Speech Tips for the Procrastinator

Whether you are late on starting to prepare or you truly are a procrastinator, these tips and tricks will help you to prepare a good presentation. These are some of the most important factors.Click here for the guide.


3. Presentation planning checklist

Once you think you are done preparing for your presentation, use this checklist to see whether you are indeed completely done or whether you forgot something. Click here for the checklist


4. Standard phrases

In order to have a better presentation, you might want to avoid some sentences and replace them with better ones. In this phrasebook you will find all kinds of different sentences for different parts of your academic presentation. Click here for the phrasebook