Guided Learning: Use of English - Pronunciation

Content & How to use

This guide is useful if you want to further improve your English speaking skills. It starts with some exercises for your voice followed by two videos in which you can hear the pronunciation of words. This is followed by a video from the TU/e which helps you to decide which word to choose. Finally, there is a video from the TU/e on how to use your voice.

1. Exercises for your voice

In these videos several exercises are given that you can use to gain better control of your voice during your presentation. Click here for the exercises.


2. Pronunciation

Not everybody is a native speaker of English. For these people it might be quite hard to get the pronunciation right and use English correctly. This is an introduction to speaking English clearly. Click here to go to the introduction.


3. Pronunciation - The sound of English

The pronunciation and use of English is very important during your presentation. People pay less attention if you make mistakes. Therefore, you should have a look at this video to know how it should sound. Click here to check your pronunciation


4. Word choice

In this video the importance of word choice is explained. The correct words are also explained. So have a look at this video before you start preparing your presentation. Click here to go to the video.


5. How to use your voice

The way you use your voice has considerable impact on your presentation, an impact you should not underestimate. So watch this video and see how you can use your voice to improve your next presentation. Click here to go to the video.