Benefits of teamwork: no man is an island

Teamwork can help you in accomplishing your goals, which could not be achieved otherwise. Some might see teamwork as a hurdle in completing their courses, but there are numerous benfits attached to good teamwork. 

Increases Efficiency
A collaborative effort from a group of people will help create a better workflow and allow tasks to get some faster.

Improves Performance
This is related to the previous point. You can focus on those things you like to do and do them well, instead of being forced to do work that others might be better at.

Reduces Stress
Imagine that you had to do each assignment alone, this takes more time than if you can divide it. Teamwork reduces stress and prevents you from getting a burn-out.

Looks good on your Resume
What was the last time a job description did not talk about teamwork? Succesful companies are built on the teamwork of their employees. If you do not know how to put this skill on your resume, you can take a look at the page of our colleagues of CareerCenter

Are you still doubting about the benefits of teamwork? Maybe you should simply try encourage teamwork and build group cohesion.This blog also provides five tips on encouraging your fellow students during teamwork.