Guided Learning: Language accuracy

Content & How to use

The widespread use of informal writing such as text messaging, emailing, and social networking has changed the way we write. In these contexts, speed and spontaneity take priority, and accuracy is not so important. However, in academic and professional writing, accuracy is as important as ever.

1. The Grammarly Handbook

This website covers a large range of grammar topics with easy examples, go to the website.

2. Verb tenses

These documents clearly explain which tense to choose for different sections of a report or paper, go to the document.

3. Test and score your grammar

If you want to know what your weaknesses are, it is useful to take the diagnostic grammar test. This webpage has a nice diagnostic test that will help you to identify what your grammar weaknesses are. Test your grammar here!

4. Then find out what you did wrong and why

In order to improve the grammar in your writing (to achieve a higher CEF level), you can start with the exercises you can find on this website.