Guided Learning: Organization and structure at section level

Content & How to use

Academic writing should always be clearly structured for several reasons:

  • It is the framework around which you construct your assignment.
  • It enables you to present your material in a coherent, logical manner.
  • It gives your work a sense of direction.
  • It helps the reader to understand the text.

1. The structure of various forms of academic writing

This website provides an excellent overview of structures required for different genres of academic writing. You can also do some exercises and check your answers.

Click on the Genres tab on the left to be taken to the right page of this website.

2. Structuring reports

This online guide helps you to understand the way that reports are structured and includes information on the sections most commonly found in reports. Go to the guide.

3. Preparing an IEEE paper

These instructions give you guidelines for preparing papers for IEEE Transactions and Journals. See the instructions here.

4. Structure of a journal paper

This document focuses on the general structure of a journal paper. Go to the document.