Self-assessment Thesis Writing

Writing your thesis can be a difficult and long process which requires hard work and endurance. Even more difficult might be reviewing your own work objectively and critically. To give you some directions this article provides you with a framework to self-asses your thesis. To give you an indication which topics it helps you to review this article gives an overview.

Overview self-assessment framework

The framework helps you to critically review your thesis according to the following topics:

  • Introduction structure and language;

  • Related literature;

  • Methodology structure and language;

  • Results structure and language;

  • Conclusion and discussion structure and language;

  • Abstract structure and language.

By scoring each of the topics above you can identify how you can improve your thesis further. Interested in knowing how those topics are reviewed? Or do you want to apply the framework to your own thesis? Download the file in the upper right corner!