Guided Learning: Use of source material

These links and documents provide information on how to correctly refer to sources and how to manage your references.

 1.  Referring to sources using APA style (author & date)

This webpage tells you exactly how to refer to your sources within the text and how to draw up a complete and accurate reference list.Go to the website.

2. Using Mendeley – a free citation and reference management tool

Mendeley is a free web- based reference organizer that gathers, manages, and can create a bibliography of sources. Mendeley allows you to add documents directly from your computer hard-drive, as well as from books, journals, and internet sites. Go to Mendeley. You may have to connect to TU/e VPN.

3. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

This webpage provides some basic rules for an IEEE biography, while this document provides guidelines for preparing IEEE papers.

Detailed information on preparing papers for IEEE Transactions and Journals can be found in the IEEE style manual.