Guided Learning for Creativity Explained

Content & How to use

Creativity is a phenomenon that is used often in a broad range of scientific disciplines. However what is creativity? Can you train it or is it something you are born with?  If you want to know more about creativity as a skill and know how you can improve your own creativity, follow this topic guide.

1. What is creativity?

Creativity is a broad concept that has several implications. This article explains there are two types of creativity and also that if you are not artistic, it does not mean you are not creative. Besides that, it also shows different approaches to creativity and different ways of thinking and framing. Read the article here.

2. How creative are you?

Do you want to know more about how creative you are? This test gives you a quick view on your own technical creativity and ways of problem solving. Afterwards, the results show you quick ways to improve your skills. Click here to do the test.

3. Creative confidence

Do you find it hard to express your ideas? Are you often discouraged to share your ideas because of others?  Are you afraid to be creative because of reactions? This TED Talk by David Kelley can show you that being creative is also being able to show your creative confidence! It suggests that creativity is not the domain of only a chosen few but almost everybody can be creative if they dare to. Click here to watch the video!