Guided Learning for Creative Problem Solving

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A topic a lot of us will encounter during their academic career is problem-solving. But what are good ways to get to a solution, how do we brainstorm in order to get solutions? This topic guide shows you where good ideas come from, tips and trick for brainstorming and different methods you can apply in order to get to solutions.

1. Where good ideas come from

Steven Johnson is the author of several popular science books and in this video he pairs the insights of several books to answer the urgent question: What sparks the flash of brilliance? How does innovation happen?  Watch this video to get a quick look at where good ideas come from. Click here to go to the link or watch the video below:



2. Tips and tricks

Creating new ideas and coming to innovative solutions is all about thinking outside the box. But how do you do that? This short article gives 8 tips and trick for creative problem solving and will help you make a start in solving problems more creatively. Click here to read the article.

3. Brainstorm methods

Stuck with a project? Can’t come up with good ideas? Want a fresh look with your group on the problem you are solving? This website contains 50 different methods and tools for creating ideas. Click here to start! 

4. Creative problem solving
If you want to know even more on creativity and how to improve your creative skills, the free e-book “Creative problem solving: Taking imagination through action by Jonne Ceserani” might help you.  It provides information concerning everything you need to know about framing, the creativity climate and context, and it provides tools to have a creative problem-solving meeting. Click here to download the book.