Break your bad habits in active listening


Old habits can be hard to break, since it requires concentration and determination to be an active listener. This video provides 5 tips to break these habits.

Remember the last time you were engaged in a conversation and you were wondering if the other person was listening to you? This feeling of talking to a brick wall can be frustrating. Wondering how good your listening skills are? Do a small and fun test here. If you need to improve these skills, break your bad habits by following these five key active listening techniques. 

1. Pay attention

  • Look at the speaker directly
  • Put aside distracting thoughts
  • Avoid being distracted by environmental factors

2. Show that you are listening

  • Nod occasionally
  • Smile and use other facial expressions
  • Make sure your posture is open and inviting

3. Provide feedback

  • Reflect what has been said by paraphrasing
  • Ask questions to clarify certain points
  • Summarize the speakers comments

4. Defer judgment

  • Allow the speaker to finish, before asking questions
  • Do not interrupt

5. Respond appropriately

  • Be open and honest in your response
  • Treat the other person in a way you think he would want to be treated

These are a summary of the article and are also discussed in the video.