Goodbye Blog Ashly Berghuizen: I opened my mail

Ashly has decided to move on to another student assistant job. We are very sorry to let her go, but we are happy she chose to continue her personal development in this way. We hope her goodbye blog will inspire you all to do the same and maybe to apply for a job within the TU/e SkillsLab team ;)

After weeks of enjoying the ‘rhythm of innovation’ in Brazil with my fellow study mates and touring through the Surinam jungle, I opened my e-mailbox. In one of many, there was one that particularly drew my attention. It contained the question whether I would be willing to spend part of my time as a guild leader of professional development for the TU/e SkillsLab. During my board year Skillslab already caught my attention. It matched with my interest for education and allowed ‘doing more than just being educated’ so I decided to go for it. The moment at which I expressed my commitment and joined the team was an exciting one as it was just before the launch of the website as a whole system. All master students have probably noticed by now they had to be in it.

The past months have mostly been about changing and fine-tuning the broad assessment as well as the in-depth Tests. Besides that, also topic-guides on the “other Skills” have been developed. These are based on the idea that professional skills are more than just writing, teamwork and presentation skills. Broadly said it is about making sure students have a place to ask about how to improve the professional skills they desire. Skillslab is never finished, it is for students but also by students. Doing my work as a guild leader has taught me a lot, although it does not have to do with my study content-wise. But working with a team as diverse as the Skillslab team teaches you to pause and reflect on yourself as well.

That is exactly what I did in December. Just like every other day I started my laptop and opened my mail. There was one that particularly drew my attention. It asked whether I would be willing to spend part of my time as a student assistant in my own department, at the unit of building physics and services. Although tough, the decision to take this chance was, just like the decision to join the Skillslab team, a good one. I hope to continue working on my professional development here, but with a little bit more relevance concerning the content of my study. Because after all, it’s all about finding the right balance between the “soft” and “hard” skills.