Blog Nienke Rovers: Review writing skills workshop GS week

In this short blog, the workshop 'Optimize your writing Skills' will be reviewed.

Hi all!

Last week, in the Graduate School Week, I participated some workshops. One I found really interesting in particular and in this blog I will tell you why!

The workshop that I signed up for was ‘Optimize your writing skills’. While the title of this workshop might imply a boring workshop with loads of information about writing rules, the opposite was true! At the beginning of the workshop a short discussion was started on basis of a poll about the importance of writing. Do you think writing can help you in creating new ideas and being innovative? Well I didn’t think so. But this workshop proved me wrong.

We started with reading some similar texts of which we needed to imply which one was clearer or more memorable. With very clear examples and tests the trainer showed us how your brain functions. He also explained how to create patterns and paradigm shifts in your writing. This, and adding a ‘topic-sentence’ at the beginning of each paragraph, will make your text easier to read and understand.

The interesting aspect of this workshop really was that the point of view was that of the reader of your text. And also of course that the trainer actually convinced me that writing cán contribute to innovating! Therefore, I want to find out if this workshop can be offered via SkillsLab, what do you think?