Guided Learning: Handling Stress

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This topic guide starts with a test to define your current stress level. In the video that follows, tips and tricks are given to make sure you can unwind your stress and feel relaxed again. The following article explains how you will be able to manage your stress, for which it is important to distinguish the source of your stress. The final test will help you with one of the main actions towards stress, namely time management.

1. Test your stress level

This test is very interesting, because it gives you an idea of your stress level. Please use the following link and find out if you need to pay some attention to your stress level! Do the test

2. Stress: Ways to Unwind

We all know that you can’t take fewer classes, you can’t quite your committee or your sports lessons. Luckily this video will give you a few tips that will help you feel calmer inside when your outside life gets too hectic. And always keep in mind that all the distracting e-mails, tweets and whatsapp groups, they can wait. Watch the video

3. How to manage stress?

There are different ways to manage your stress, as there are different approaches. One example is to take action to change the stressful situation. When workload is the source of your stress, this can be improved by the use of proper time management.

The trigger where your stress comes from is important to distinguish which method will work for you to release your stress. Read the article here

4. Time Management

How often do you find yourself running out of time? Weekly, daily, hourly? For many people, it seems that there's just never enough time in the day to get everything done.

This test will help you to define the aspects of time management you can work on to improve your stress level, and feel more relaxed. Take the test