Guided Learning for Planning & Organizing

Content and how to use

Do you believe you have finished all tasks, but forgot about that small simple task? Or are you loosing the overview sometimes? It is absolutely normal with the numerous tasks we have and the number of people we are in contact with. This Guided Learning will help you show you a video on how to set your goals. Learn you how to create an overview of all your tasks by watching another video, and help you to prioritize these tasks. In the end you will be able to create a To Do list which is probably way smaller than you imagined!

1. Setting Goals  

For some the worst thing to do, but the most effective start by getting organized is setting goals! This short movie shows you the benefits of setting clear goals. Watch the video

After seeing this video try to write down at least one personal SMART-goal. You are free to use any topic or task you would like. However, try to link it to your main goal of becoming a better planner/organizer.

2. Creating Overview

All the things you need to get done, are stored all over. This might create a feeling that you are never done. In order to be able to create some rest in your mind, you need to get an overview of all your activities. It is often not only the big tasks you are feeling overwhelmed by. This video shows you how to to get things done! Watch the video

3. Prioritize

Now that you have created an overview of all of your unfinished tasks, it is time to prioritize. Some tasks may not be relevant until next week, or even next month, but they keep popping up in your mind. The Eisenhower Method will help you to do this. This video shows you how to prioritize accordingly! Watch the video

Exercise: Write down your own quadrant and you know where to start!

4. Create a To Do List  

According to your Eisenhower quadrant, you will be able to make a to do list. As the video above shows some tasks will be stored in your calendar, while others are urgent and belong on your to do list. Some less important tasks may be deleted from your list, as you can delegate them to others. You will be able to keep track of them by email or telephone.

You’re to do list isn’t that long anymore, is it?