Guided Learning for Perseverance

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What do you think would be a significant indicator of success? IQ? Perhaps Physical Looks? No. Passion and Perseverance are! It does not matter how high your IQ is, if you work hard and long enough everyone is able to solve the exercises given at university, you just need the right mindset. Watch the video

This guided learning will give you some insight in both the fixed and the growth mindset with the help of an article and a video. It will also show you that you have choice between these mindsets. When you choose to persevere, the usage of intermediate goals is explained.

1. Fixed mindset

The fixed mindset believes that talent and abilities are largely fixed and predetermined. In the fixed mindset, when you struggle to reach your goal, it means you are not good enough. Have you ever said things like: I’m not creative, I’m shy, or i’m not a math person? If you have what it takes, great. If not, why even bother to try? You might as well give up, and move on to something easier. Read this article

2. Growth Mindset

The core belief of the growth mindset is that human abilities and talents are malleable skills that you can cultivate and strengthen over the course of your life. The growth mindset interprets challenge and failure not as a signal to throw in the towel, but as a natural, healthy part of human growth and achievement. Watch the video

3. Your choice

Your actions in the past may reflect one of the two mindsets. However, you have the choice between these two mindsets. If you want to persevere, see every struggle or challenge as a way to learn and eventually reach your goal.

4. Intermediate goals

Besides the right mindset, intermediate goals may help you to persevere. For example, when you want to run the marathon, you need some sub goals to help you get there. You need to create a long-term plan of training for 3-5 months. This will make it easier for you to reach your final goal.This article gives you 10 steps to serious goal setting. Read the article