Guided Learning for Sensitivity to the Organization

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Sensitivity to the organization is a concept which is very important for companies. In this guide learning page, you will learn about the concept and how to improve yourself in this concept.

1. What does sensitivity to the organization mean?

Every organization has its own culture and strategy. It is useful to be aware of these characteristics of an organization because this so-called organizational awareness is the most important factor in managing proactive change in an organization. Thereby it can help to increase revenue and profitability of an organization through establishing competitive advantage and creating consistent results. For a further understanding of the concept you can read this article.

2. Why is this important for a potential employee?

Due to these improved business operations, recruiters frequently consider organizational awareness during the hiring process. Via questions about the structure of the company, industry issues, and job roles within the company they form a close picture of your sensitivity to the organization. Therefore, prepare yourself and get to know this information when preparing for a job interview.

3. How can you be more aware of what goes on in your organization?

Various websites have information on the positioning of companies within the industry. For example, Glassdoor is a website with vacancies but also reviews about companies and related salaries. Also on the corporate website many details about the structure, strategy and culture of the organization can be found generally.