Making and presenting a poster

Let’s start

Use the checklist to evaluate yourself and gain insight in the categories that contribute to a good poster presentation!

At this moment, your poster presentations are probably quite basic, and perhaps a little boring. There are lots of ways to bring more excitement to what, and how, you make and present a poster. You simply need more practice developing the right kind of content, and learning how to convey your message with confidence.

If this is applicable to you, you should start the guide at 'How to make and present an acceptable poster?'. Next to that you could observe others (e.g. your professor or fellow students) and dwell on what you would do the same or different.

Or maybe your poster presentation skills are average; the goal of your presentation is often not clear enough. Therefore, it is likely that most parts of your message will not be remembered. You should start the guide at 'How to enhance?' to receive tips and tools to enhance your skills and be able to create a poster presentation that will be remembered by your audience.

The handout of this guide can be downloaded here.