Writing an argumentative essay

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Use the checklist to evaluate yourself and gain insight into the categories that contribute to a good argumentative essay!

At this moment, your written argumentative essay is probably quite basic. There are various ways to write an acceptable argumentative essay. You simply need more practice developing the right kind of structure, providing stronger arguments, and with conveying your message in a more academic way. If this is applicable to you, you should start the guide at ‘How to write an acceptable argument?’. 

Or maybe the level of your writing skills is average; the text is not always easy to follow due to some inconsistencies and inaccuracies. Your skills for writing an argumentative essay are relatively good enough for an academic setting. You should start the guide at ‘How to enhance?’ to receive tips and tools to enhance your skills and be able to write an argumentative essay that your reader will find convincing.

The handout of this guide can be downloaded here.