Kick-start your project's 1st meeting

This TU/e web lecture will provide you some guidance on how to kickstart your first team meeting, one which is very valuable. Below a selection of discussed topics are outlined.

There are practical things to take care of beforehand, such as planning the meeting itself, creating an agenda, arranging a place to meet and distribute and read the project documents. Wondering which rooms there are available for you as a TU/e student to book? Check out this page for a clear overview and instructions for rooms in the library. 

Before discussing content of the project itself, introduce yourself to the group. If everybody knows the background of others and their working styles, you can adapt your teamwork to each other. An example could be to fill in and discuss a Belbin test. Additionally, make clear what each others expectations are and what the project goals are to ensure you are all on the same level. 

Project content
Set goals at the beginning of the project, for example by making them SMART. These can help you to give guidance in the project. These goals can be achieved by making a Gantt chart, this is a widely used method for planning projects and resources. 

The web lecture discusses more subjects, such as the project process and practical to-do's during the meeting.