Ten qualities of an effective team player

If you want to become a valuable team member, you should cover the following ten qualities; Demonstrate reliability, communicate constructively, listen actively, function as an active participant, share openly and willingly, cooperate and pitch in to help, exhibit flexibility, show commitment to the team, work as a problem solver and treat others in an respectful manner. The article explains them all into more detail, but we will take a look at a selection of them.

Communicate constructively
Teamwork requires you to express thoughts and ideas clearly, directly, honestly and with respect to others. One way of doing this is by being assertive. You should not be afraid of making a point, but do it in the best way possible.

Function as an active participant
This means that you come prepared to team meeting and listen and speak up in discussions. These people function as active participants and take the initiative to help make things happen. They think in how they can help the team and think in terms of outcomes of the team as a whole.

Exhibits flexibility
Each project or assignment involves changing conditions. Be a good team player and adapt to the changing situation. Do this by considering different points of view, don't get into a negative spiral when change occurs. 

Hopefully these tips will help you in developing yourself as a team player. Check out the full article for more tips.