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Why SkillsLab

Various companies especially interested in TU/e students have emphasized the importance of professional skills. In the high-performance workplaces of today, people need to be able to present themselves, be creative, show (self) leadership and adopt an entrepreneurial attitude towards their work and their lives. Therefore, professional skills such as presentation skills, teamwork skills and writing skills are more important than ever. Young professionals need to bring more to the table than their technical knowledge and an engineering degree. It is the TU/e's ambition to support students with their professional skills development.

TU/e SkillsLab and the TU/e Career Academy

In order to make sure you find the job that you want the TU/e Career Academy aims at connecting you to the revised international job market. TU/e Career Academy offers workshops, company events, and individual coaching to you. They want to make sure that your first steps are right. Presenting yourself online and on paper is one of those first steps. TU/e Career Academy supports you with the creation of your C.V. and LinkedIn profile, as well as with writing your cover letter. Your professional skills are key here. Do you want to know how skills can advance your career? Meet us daily at the Eindhoven University of Technology or visit the website of the TU/e Career Academy.


What do students, professors and employers think about skills?

In December 2015 we brought the issue of professional skills to the table. Students, professors and employers talked about the importance of social and professional skills in the work places of today and the role of students, the university and companies in the development of these skills.