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Thesis presenting and defending

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Monday June 7, 2021
From 15:00 to 18:15
TU/e Skillslab

The defense of your Master Thesis is probably already challenging and exciting in itself. During these COVID-19 times, however, it can be even more demanding when it has to be executed online.


This workshop helps you focus on the key aspects of presenting and defending your Master’s graduation project, with a special focus on the online environment. By participating in this workshop, you will learn strategies to help you highlight the key points of your thesis and handle (difficult) questions from your graduation committee.


The workshop will take place via MS Teams – once we’ve processed your registration, we will add you to Teams for the workshop, where you will have access to the workshop materials.


Prior to the workshop, make sure you watch the workshop screencast, which includes background information regarding Presenting and Defending a thesis and an overview of what we’ll cover when we meet online. The screencast also includes instructions for what you need to prepare before coming to the workshop. These preparation steps will likely take you about 45-60 minutes to complete.


During the online workshop, there is room for practice and interaction between small groups of students. Our trainer will tailor the workshop as much as possible to accommodate your individual questions or requests, in addition to giving you the opportunity to practice the skills


The last important note: you will be divided into two groups, from 15:00 till 16.30 and from 16.45 till 18.15 to personalize this workshop even more.