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TEGO: Holiday edition

After the success of the online team building game from TU/e Skillslab’s subteam TEGO, they came up with the brand new TEGO Holiday Edition game. The goal of the game is to challenge teams to work together and solve puzzles. It is completely online, you can play it from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. You can even all play from one computer.

I personally found this game very cool as it tends to bring teams together in a safe, corona-proof setting. It was interesting to crack the puzzles with my team, it made me feel the team spirit again after a long time. It was a great change to our typical online games menu that consists of Scribble, Cards Against Humanity and Among Us.

I liked in particular that the game is set up as a mystery and we were detectives trying to connect all the little details. That was quite fun! TU/e students can virtually show off our campus to their friends and family as they help the main character in the game, Helen, who is locked in the Flux building during the Holidays. You and your team are helping her to get out of the building and come on time for Holiday dinner with other TU/e students.

While playing the game my team and I also got to know more about holiday traditions in different countries like Canada, Venezuela and Iceland. Game designers did a good job of reaching out to our international students to uncover their holiday traditions.

I would definitely say TEGO Holiday Edition is a must for your next online drink with friends or family holiday party! Use the link to sign up for the game.

The game takes around 1-2 hours depending on your puzzle solving skills and you can start right away!

Below I included a picture of Helen locked in Flux. Can you spot something suspicious in the picture? I will give you a hint, there are two clues.