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The ability to brainstorm is very important in your academic work but also in your daily and creative life. Brainstorming is used in almost every project here at the TU/e, brainstorming could be done in a group or alone. When using a brainstorming technique, you will let your brain roam freely and generates creative ideas and solutions. Check this article for different techniques!
Creative Thinking Talks
Creativity is a significant part of our student and working lives. Our student team has selected a few TED talks that can help with your creative thinking, which you check out here!
No more boring presentations!
Read through for tips on how to bring more creativity to your presentations and keep your audience engaged.
Video: Visualization Process for Effective Presentations & eLearning
Most presentations are dreadful blocks of text and bullet points. This details a process to get away from that and create fully visual slides and other content that engages your audience and helps people understand and remember your ideas, so that your presentations are more effective. Follow this six step process for great results every time.
Video: Three Design Hacks for Better Visual Presentations
Three quick and easy design tips to make your presentations look beautiful and work more effectively by engaging your audience.