Thesis Workshop: Presenting and Defending your Thesis

08:45 - 11:30
MetaForum (MF) 6.131

This workshop helps you focus on key elements of different aspects of presenting and defending your Master’s graduation project.

The workshop runs from 08:45 until 11:30 and is held in MetaForum 6.131. After the workshop ends at 11.30, a question hour has been arranged till 12.30 to help you with individual presenting problems. A more detailed description of the workshops as well as the requirements to participate is listed below the general workshop description.

Today’s topic: Presenting and Defending your Thesis

In today’s workshop, all the important facets of presenting and defending your thesis will be discussed. After delivering your written report, you should be able to present and defend your thesis in front of your audience. By participating in today’s workshop, you will learn all kinds of strategies how to highlight the key points of your thesis and handle (difficult) questions from your thesis committee.

What to expect from the coach?

During the workshops, a professional writing coach will offer you tips and strategies for presenting and defending your thesis. Please note that although the coach can help you with a number of aspects regarding your presentation, it is ultimately your responsibility to take action. The coach is not here to “check” your thesis presentation, but to guide and coach you and help you learn some strategies for presenting your thesis.

What to expect from the workshop?

Keep in mind that ‘a workshop’ is the key idea here:  besides getting feedback on your presentation pitch, you should also be prepared to give feedback to other students! By looking at other students’ presentation, you will begin to recognize things in your own presentation that could be improved as well. Furthermore, you will get lots of help with how you are doing and what you need to do as you tell your story in front of the audience.

How to get ready for the workshop?

To get the full benefit of the workshop(s), we highly recommend that:

  • You are currently in the process of/or getting started with actively preparing your thesis presentation
  • You are at least following a TU/e MSc-program

We encourage you to bring some thesis material to the workshop that you can use for the presentation pitch. For those who are not able to present yet, you will be provided with a sample topic to work with.

What to consider before entering the workshop?

To get the full benefit of the workshop(s), we highly recommend you to prepare the following before entering the workshop(s):

  • Have you already talked to your thesis supervisor (about the requirements of your thesis for example)?
  • Have you already accessed – and seen – the Guided Learning Presentation Skills on the SkillsLab website? 

Learning objectives

By the end of this workshop session, you should be able to:                                                                                               

  • State the purpose and scope of your thesis at the beginning of your presentation.
  • Implement the appropriate presentation structure for your thesis as defined by the regulations of your MSc program
  • Present your thesis using the practical tips, tools and strategies provided by the online and workshop materials as published in the Guided Learning
  • Defend your thesis by knowing how to handle (difficult) questions from your thesis committee.

Click here to register for the TU/e SkillsLab Thesis Workshops. The maximum number of participants is approximately 20 students!