Students in Brainport need to develop skills permanently

Employers in Brainport ask for a completely new spectrum of skills nowadays, compared to what they asked seven years ago. A recent research, executed by Textkernel, revealed the most significant shift in change is on required soft skills in the tech sector.

Although the amount of required IT skills increased by 13%, the total amount of required soft skills within the tech sector has increased by 26%. What are these soft skills they ask for? Examples are collaboration, convincing, leadership and being communicative. Luckily for you these are all topics we help you with in developing!

These soft skills are mainly directed towards teamwork, but what is the logical reasoning behind the desire of employers that you should master these skills? Good teamwork can lead to a comfortable setting in which you will feel free to offer suggestions and come up with creative ideas to company issues. Working out these ideas can be achieved more efficient, quicker and with more quality if you exploit good teamwork. When you get to know your teammembers and their qualities, everyone could contribute their own piece of expertise to the group, but additionally also support their teammates if they encounter difficulties in their work. This offcourse also goes the other way around, if you help your teammate, (s)he would help you also the next time you encounter a problem or difficulty!

Perhaps it is also nice to know that while we help you in developing these skills, Careercenter can help you to connect to these employers that require of you to master all these soft skills. The link between skills development and your future career cannot be better explained than in the following movie; 

So, if your want to be prepared for your future, make the most of your teamwork during your study. We are willing to help you in your development nowadays to build for your future!