You are lucky! CareerCenter and Skillslab are here for you!

Many companies that show a special interest in TU/e students have emphasized the importance of professional skills. The TU/e wants to facilitate students to work on the skills that they need to get the job they want in the future! Therefore, CareerCenter and Skillslab are there to ensure you are able to improve your skills, and prepare yourself for your future career! But, what is the difference between these parties?

Skills and career are closely related and therefore sometimes overlap: the requirements to be a future employee within a company are constantly increasing. An example is personal development: companies ask you what you have done in the last few years. They ask for requirements such as perseverance, personal initiative, and personal development. Just acquiring the knowledge is no longer sufficient. Better skills even means a better salary. SkillsLab and CareerCenter are here to help you with both your personal development as well as your career steps! But on which door should you knock when facing a problem? This article gives you more insight into the differences, so that you can optimally benefit from both CareerCenter and Skillslab!


The CareerCenter aims at connecting you to the revised international job market. CareerCenter offers workshops, company events, and individual coaching. They want to make sure that your first steps are right. The first step is labor orientation: where would you like to work? Do you want to be an entrepreneur, a researcher, a teacher, or something else? Several lunch lectures are given to broaden your view on different jobs. Presenting yourself online and on paper is the next step. CareerCenter supports you with the creation of your CV and LinkedIn profile, as well as with writing your cover letter. Need help? Just walk in daily (except for Mondays and weekends) at the EnergyForum located in the MetaForum building from 11:00 - 15:00. One of the student team members will be glad to help you update any of these documents. Prefer to start at home? Visit the website for online content on guidelines for your CV, LinkedIN or cover letter.


While the CareerCenter helps you improve the presentation of your skills for career success, Skillslab is there to make sure you are aware of the skills you would like to develop. When you start your Master’s program at the TU/e, you are asked to complete an online assessment of your skills and competences. This test helps you decide which skills to develop. Skillslab offers both online and offline content to students with interesting workshops, speakers, and tutorials to help you improve specific skills! Easy access to relevant content is provided on the website They are also here for you to make sure your personal development is going well. If you would like to get some personal help from an expert, they will make sure you reach the right person. E-mail one of the guild leaders to get started!

So, Skillslab is about actively developing your soft skills, while CareerCenter helps you present these skills to your future employer!