5 Tips for studying effectively

Within 3 weeks, the exams will already start. Time to panic! Or not..? We give you 5 tips for studying effectively.

1. Find the right location

Find a location where distractions are minimalized. Do you recognize the fact that you start to tidy up your entire room while you actually need to study behind your desk?

To avoid this you need to find a quiet place in which you can concentrate. For example, the library of MetaForum is a good environment to study! A little extra motivation: you need to be there early in the morning; otherwise you will not find a spot. So set your alarm, rush to MetaForum and start studying.

2. Change your attitude

A lot of people see studying as a nagging task. Of course it is not the most fun thing to do, but changing your attitude slightly can make a big impact on your study behavior. Think of studying as an opportunity to learn and remind yourself of your skills and abilities. ‘I always mess up’ is not the right way to think of it. Think, for instance, ‘Last time did not go so well, how can I change my study behavior so I will pass this time.

3. Take Breaks

Although it might sound a bit contradictory, taking breaks helps you to regain focus. Take a walk outside or get some coffee. Don’t forget to eat either! When you separate your time in blocks of studying and breaks, your mind will know when it needs to concentrate and when it is allowed to relax.  

4. Do not multitask!

It really feels productive, but it actually is not. It takes 15 – 20 minutes before your concentration is optimal when performing a certain task. Switching between tasks will therefore lead to lower concentration on both of them.

Need to study for two exams in the same period of time? Try to study one subject in the morning and the other in the afternoon. In this way you do not multitask but you actually study both subjects without losing concentration.

5. Track what distracts

One way to find out what distractions prevent you from studying is to write down what distracts you every time you lose focus. By tracking your behavior, you will become aware of the distraction that draws your attention most of the time. In this way you can eliminate the most tempting distraction, study hard and rock that exam!

Good luck with your exams! Still feeling stressed? Read our guided learning page on how to deal with stress.