Exams coming!

Metaforum is getting fully loaded and the coffee machines are sucked dry: Wow, the - among TU/e students - well-known 'white week' has already started.

Now the first 7 weeks of the academic year are already behind us, the time has come to complete your project deadlines and to start studying for the exams. To keep heads above water, we herewith provide you some short tips for the coming weeks.

Planning your study load

1. Set goals
2. Create overview
3. Prioritize
4. Create a to do list 
(5. Create a 'finished' to do list: this makes you feel more productive!)

For more information about planning and organizing you can see this guided learning page. Furthermore, on this page you can find (possibly) useful information about handling stress.


Guild Leader Teamwork

Roeland Hoefnagels