Workshop First Impressions: some tips

During the first minutes of an encounter or a presentation people are unintentionally defining what kind of person they have in front of them. They are creating a first impression. Posture, gestures, facial expression, eye contact, appearance and the use of the voice create this first impression. Anne Wil, Student Ambassador Industrial Design organized a workshop for influencing your first impression, and gives you some tips to start practicing!

Rick Koster gave a workshop about first impressions for the master students of Industrial Design. During this workshop we all gave a presentation after which Rick Koster reflected his first impression of each person on us.

Not only did I learn about myself, I also learned about how to use my first impression. It is hard to change your first impression, but you can really use your first impression by deploying certain aspects at the right moments.

Want to try something yourself? Rick Koster’s tips:

  • Ask people around you what kind of impression you left after a presentation. Look for people you trust, who will give you honest and sincere feedback, specifically ask about your personal appearance.
  • Try other things in your next talk or presentation. How do you experience the differences?
  • Every impression is neutral, you can decide yourself whether it works out positively or negatively for you. Try to use certain expressions in presentations or talks, if seriousness is one of your expressions, you might use and amplify that when presenting about a serious topic.
  • To express more authority use open hand gestures, calm and complete movements, and talk relaxed and with a low voice.