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A week full of activities What is it like to do a board year?
5 questions to ask on a career market

In the week of 17 until 21 May, all boards on the university will organise different activities to help students with their career. This will be a week full of prices, events and activities. Click below for more information.

To find out how it is to do a board year, we had a chat with the ambitious and charming Pascalle Ickenroth, who is currently responsible for Public Relations at Wervingsdagen. Click below for the interview!

Career markets are great opportunities to gather intel and expand your network, regardless of where you are in your studies. Check out these 5 questions that you could ask to get the most out of this type of event!

Personal development through a board year

An interview with one of our participants

 A story from a student employee  

 We had a chat with Leonie Copraij who used to be in the board of the Federation of Study Associations (FSE). Leonie is a true example of a broad-minded student dedicated to her personal development who is never afraid to step out of the comfort zone. Click on the photo to check it out!


Our workshops are very helpful for a lot of students. But don't take our word for it, meet Onur Erol! He is one of the participants from our workshop, and he explains why skill development and career orientation are so important and fun!

Mitchel shares his experiences while working in the Career & Skills Team of TU/e SkillsLab and TU/e Career Academy. His journey started 3.5 years ago, so click on the photo to know more about him and his experiences!