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TUe Escape Game Online

TU/e escape game online TEGO: The Magical Mansion TU/e escape game online TEGO: The TU/e tapes TU/e escape game online TEGO: Holiday edition TU/e escape game online TEGO: Escape from metaforum

The newest version of TEGO is out. In this escape room, you and your friends or fellow students find a weird building on the university. You get trapped in the building and need to solve different puzzles to escape this mansion. Click on the picture below for more information.

In this online escape game, you and your friends or fellow students need to find the lost TU/e tapes. There is a lot on the line for the TU/e, and they would pay big bucks for these tapes to remain a secret. Find out more by clicking on the picture below.

After the success of the online team building game from TU/e Skillslab’s subteam TEGO, they came up with the brand new TEGO Holiday Edition game! You can play it online with friends and family. Will you help Helen find her holiday dinner?! More information by clicking on the picture below

Our First edition of TEGO, ECTS Machine, is out now! In this edition, you can collaborate with friends and fellow students to try to find the secret location of the ECTS Machine. Are you ready to uncover the mysteries that the TU/e is trying to hide? Be sure to click on the image below for more information on how to participate!

New escape games are expected to launch in September 2021 and November 2021!