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Guided Learning: Use of English - Pronunciation

This guide is meant to be used by non-native English speakers to further improve their spoken English. It contains several tips and tricks and also some exercises. After going through this guide, your English should be improved both in the choice of words and in pronunciation and fluency.

Guided Learning: Using visual aids

Have you ever struggled with deciding which visual to use and how to use it correctly in a presentation? This topic guide gives you insights concerning that specific topic.

Hand gestures

A STU presentation that goes into detail on what to do with your hands during a presentation.

House style of the TU/e
Here you can find the house style for presentations which the university uses.
How to Avoid Being Nervous Speaking in Front of People

An entertaing video that provides some tips and tricks on how to avoid becoming nervous while talking in front of a group.

How to give a TED-style presentation
Article on how to give a good TED talk: what should be in it and why?
How to prepare your presentation
Preparing for your presentation is very important; this guide gives you information and key points to think about.
How to Present with Another Speaker
you are often required to present with two or more presenters. This is more difficult than it seems and this guide offers some tips and tricks to help you.
How to speak so that people want to listen
A TED expert explains the basics of how to talk during a presentation in a very structured way.
How to use your voice
This video demonstrates what the impact a voice has on a presentation.