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Course: Introduction to English Grammar - Tenses and Sentence Structure
This free online English grammar course teaches you about English grammar, tenses and sentence structure, giving you effective communication with other people in the English language.
Course: Pre-Academic writing in English (SFC630)

ESA offers the SFC630 as an extra-curricular 5 credit course. Please check with your department whether you will get credits for this course or not.

Diagnostic grammar test
A test on English grammar in three sections that gives you an idea of which level you're on.
Documentation styles e.g. IEEE and APA

This guide provides an overview of some documentation styles.

English spelling rules
Here you will find the basics of British and American spelling. This guide helps you with some problems in English spelling.
Exercises for punctuation
Practice the correct use of punctuation in English and check your answers.
Features of academic writing
Academic writing is to some extent complex, formal, objective, explicit, hedged, and responsible. It uses language precisely and accurately.
Feedback form Academic Writing skills
If you want to know what your fellow students think of your writing skills ask them to fill in this feedback form to help you improve.
Genres in academic writing
Different writing assignments (e.g. an essay, a technical report, or a literature review) require different kinds of academic writing. This website discusses this writing and also includes exercises and answer keys.
Grammar exercises you can study to reach a higher CEF level.