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Guided Learning: Decision making

During project work, many different decisions need to be made, ranging from minor decisions to key decisions for the project as a whole. Making decisions with a group of people with different options and point of views can be difficult. To make it easier and more comfortable to make important decisions with others, going through this topic guide can be helpful.

Guided Learning: Different roles (Belbin)

Within a team you will always have to work with different types of personalities. It is very useful to know in advance what types of personalities and team roles there are, and which role applies to you or your teammates. If you are not aware yet of the possible roles that exist or what your own natural role normally is, then please read this guide.

Guided Learning: Participation in meetings and discussions

In order to be an active participant in a meeting or during a discussion, preparation is required. But how do you prepare for a meeting or discussion? What roles are there for participants and how do you make a meeting effective? Read the topic guide to learn all this and more.

Guided Learning: Problem solving

Problem solving is something that we all are familiair with, but when it comes to problems that occur during teamwork, we have to be careful. For problem solving within a team in a professional manner, it can be useful to learn more about the process of solving a problem and how different approach can be applied.

Guided Learning: Providing and receiving feedback
Interested in learning more about giving and receiving feedback? Read and watch the content of this topic guide to discover the use and the ground rules of feedback and learn how to conduct a peer review professionally.
Guided Learning: Standing up for yourself
When working in a team, you have to make sure that you actively participate by showing your opinion and thoughts. But this is easier said than done. Are you able to stand up for yourself with confidence? Or do you have trouble in showing what you are worth? This topic guide can help you make a difference in your team.
Guided Learning: Taking responsibility
In teamwork you have responsibilities as an individual as well as responsibilities for the whole team to ensure your project or assignment will be finished on time and successfully. If you have trouble in taking these responsibilities and have had feedback about it in the past, this topic guide can be helpful for you.
Guided Learning: Tutoring
As a tutor you can provide expertise, experience, guidance and encouragement for a group of less experienced students. This article provides you the basics on tutoring, but also tips on challenging aspects of tutoring.
Guidelines to problem solving and decision making
These basic guidelines will get you started with solving problems and making decisions.
Handout about assertiveness
This handout shows a clear overview of different types of assertiveness: verbal, non-verbal and emotional. It also includes a useful example.