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Handout about debating skills
This article provides the rules of debating and how to improve your debating skills.
Handout about feedback rules
This handout gives you a quick overview of some ground rules for giving and receiving feedback.
Handout about giving and receiving feedback, and the Johari Window

Giving and receiving feedback can help you to gain insight. It means that people who are communicating inform each other about the effects of the other person’s behavior.

Handout about interview techniques
This handout is about conversation techniques. These techniques help you to communicate better with other people.
Handout about meeting skills

This handout shows you how to improve your meeting skills on the basis of the GRaSP method.

Handout about project management
A project can be defined as a group of people (usually from various fields of expertise) collaborating temporally with the aim of reaching a predetermined goal.
Handout about SMART

People have goals, but groups and/or organizations can have goals as well. Goals can guide your behavior and can help you to make decisions.

How good are your communication skills?
To get an indication of your communication skills, you can complete this quick test.
How to conduct a good peer review
This web lecture shows you ways and examples of how to conduct a peer review properly and how to handle emotions.
How to create a motivated team
In this web lecture you learn how to create a motivated team that can finish its project successfully and can have fun.