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Problem solving and analytical skills

We all solve problems on a daily basis: in academic situations, at work and in our day-to-day lives. This page shows you ways to solve problems and how to demonstrate your problem-solving skills.

Self-assessment for Teamwork Skills

With this assessment you can find out your current teamwork skill level.

Skill exercise: recognising aggressive, assertive & passive behaviour
This exercise helps you to recognize aggressive, assertive or passive behavior in your team.
Team roles test
This self assessment can be used to gain insight into your role within a team.
Teamwork exercises: Five ways to build a great team

In this article, you learn five teamwork exercises that you can use to strengthen the bonds between your team members and encourage collaboration.

Teamwork takes work: seven ways to play nice with others
Universities and workplaces are basically adult sandboxes. There are those that play together well, those who are aloof and of course there are bullies. These tips will help you manage them all.
This overview provides an exercise on team working skills and teaches you more about the roles people play in meetings.
Ten qualities of an effective team player
Teams need strong team players to perform well. But what defines such people? Read on.
Test for conflict handling
Researchers have identified five conflict-handling styles, and this self-assessment estimates the extent to which you prefer to use each of these conflict-handling styles.
Test your listening skills
This test will give you insight into your listening skills, as well as their importance.